Building thought leadership through research

Building thought leadership through research

New Lawless Research Study

How Research Insights Drive Success for Technology Companies

Lawless Research partnered with Research Now, the global leader in digital research data to quantify the value of survey research to technology companies. The report reveals how companies are leveraging survey research to keep pace with rapid shifts in the fast-paced technology sector. According to the study, 83% of technology companies say the insights gained from market research are critical to their organization’s success. Tech companies use survey research to make better strategic decisions, gain a competitive advantage, increase customer satisfaction, improve product design, increase brand awareness, and accelerate innovation.

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1 in 4 Developers Started Coding Before They Could Drive

Lawless Research had the honor of analyzing data from HackerRank’s global survey of developers. According to HackerRank’s 2018 Developer Skills Report, 26% of developers began coding before they were 16 years old. Developers who grew up in the seventies and eighties during the PC revolution were especially precocious. Almost half (47%) of developers who are […]

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Lawless Research Study for Twilio Finds Businesses Do Not Communicate As Well As They Think They Do

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According to the study, 81% of consumers complain that it is difficult to communicate with businesses, but only 34% of businesses acknowledge room for improvement. While most businesses focus their efforts on delivering a great product, too few businesses recognize the significant impact the communications experience has on their brand and revenue. The study finds that after a positive communication experience, 7 out of 10 consumers recommended the business or purchased more products or services; but one-third cancelled their service or switched to a competitor following a negative experience.


Our Clients Include:

make informed decisions

Establish Thought Leadership.

What trends are emerging?

What information can we gather to demonstrate our expertise and knowledge?

What fresh content can we include in our content and social marketing?

How can we reach new audiences?


Who knows about us and what do they think about us?

How would they rate us compared to our competition?


Grow Your business.

How do we grow our business?

What markets have the highest potential?

Where should we expand?

Identify Target Markets.

Who is most likely to buy and recommend our products?

What are their characteristics and how do we reach them?

What are their top concerns when purchasing?

How do we effectively message to them?

What channels should we invest in?

Design & price Products.

What needs are unmet in the market?

What direction should our product roadmap take?

What features and functions are most valued?

Will the market like—and buy—our new product?

What is the best name for the product?

How should it be packaged and marketed?


How can we most effectively spend our marketing dollars?

How do we increase the number of qualified leads?

What ads are most likely to attract attention and increase sales?

What messaging should we use online, in email campaigns, and in social media?


What do our customers think of us?

What areas do we need to improve to retain our customers?

Who are our advocates and how do we foster a closer relationship with them?