Our Services

The drivers of purchase have evolved–from product benefits, to advertising, to solutions, and finally to ideas. We are now living and working in an idea economy. Successful companies know this and make decisions based on solid information and fresh ideas.

Lawless Research, a world leader in thought leadership market research, provides clients with the business intelligence they need to make informed strategic decisions. For over twenty-five years our unique approach has helped our clients become market leaders. With the insights provided by our rigorous and comprehensive studies, our clients have:

  • Become thought leaders in their industries
  • Identified target markets
  • Developed effective go-to-market strategies
  • Built brand awareness
  • Established critical pricing decisions
  • Designed successful new products
  • Increased customer retention
  • Rapidly grown their business

What information do you need to grow?

Establish and Maintain Thought Leadership

• Thought Leadership Strategy
• Unique Independent Research

Customers have more faith and loyalty in companies that demonstrate mastery of their industry’s knowledge. Demonstrating this knowledge is an ongoing process and one of our core specialities is helping companies craft a compelling thought leadership strategy.


Evaluate Markets and Brands

• Brand Awareness
• Market Segmentation
• Geographic Expansion
• Competitive Analysis

Finding out what your audience really thinks about your enterprise can lead to intelligent and focused marketing and sales efforts.

Design and Price Products

• Product Concept Testing
• Price Optimization

Price points can be tricky. You know what your costs are, but your audience has their own set of metrics and gut-checks for deciding to buy. They might be willing to pay for certain features, or in certain ways. Let’s ask them what they’ll pay!

Improve Customer Retention

• Customer Experience
• Net Promoter Score
• Key Drivers of Retention

Every thriving company knows that it costs much more to get a new customer or client than to retain an existing one. Yet customers are always slipping away. Knowing what is going on in the minds of your client/customer base can boost cross-selling and avoid churn.