Our Approach

Although curiosity supposedly killed the cat, it’s a necessary trait of market researchers. Remember when your kid asked “Why?” or “What’s that?” nonstop?

That’s Lawless Research—we ask questions, incessantly.

Our curiosity isn’t idle—it has the purpose of helping our clients succeed, grow, and understand. Who is most likely to buy your product or service? How do you reach them? What do they care about? Will they like your new ad campaign? Will they buy your new product? Where should your company expand? What trends are emerging?

Fortunately for you, we also answer the questions.

We make sure you get the right answers to your questions:

360º Thinking

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Our research design is based on an understanding of the full scope of your business challenges, market characteristics and industry environment. Before we propose a study, we thoroughly research your industry to gain an in-depth profile of existing knowledge, attitudes and positioning.

Survey Design That Connects 

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We ensure that respondents enjoy the experience by asking questions that are relevant, interesting and respectful. By engaging the respondents we receive more thoughtful and accurate data. With every survey, we ask respondents for feedback and get responses such as “I enjoyed taking this survey” or “I learned a lot from this survey.”

Scientific Rigor

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We build questionnaires that are unbiased and produce results that are defensible. Our quality assurance process ensures that all respondents are legitimate.

Baker’s Dozen Approach


A client may be asking for x, but we find ways to provide x+y at no extra cost. For example, a study designed to give a company material for public relations can also provide information to guide marketing strategy, feed the content marketing machine and refresh sales messaging.