Case Studies

Develop Market Strategy

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Challenge: Filene’s Basement needed to gauge the interest of former loyal customers and new potential customers of an online platform for discovering fashion deals.

Solution: By profiling the target segment and pinpointing how and what they wanted to buy, we discovered there was high interest in an online platform. The research findings enabled Filene’s Basement to design a website that appealed to early adopters and helped establish a successful online presence.

Grow Your Business

Challenge: Bank A needed to spark growth in new markets and benchmark their brand awareness in order to measure advertising effectiveness.

Solution: Lawless Research found that the brand is extremely popular in its home state, yet brand
awareness is low in the new market due to lack of ad visibility. Using in-depth information about the motivations and buying behavior of the target segment, the bank’s ad agency recalibrated their advertising and marketing approach to more effectively reach potential customers.

Establish Thought Leadership
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Challenge: TeleSign, a leader in mobile identity solutions, needed to benchmark consumers’ exposure to online security threats and measure the demand for 2-factor authentication.

Solution: Through analysis of 2,000 internet users we found a large gap between users that worry about internet fraud (and experience it) and the means to protect themselves from account security threats. TeleSign used the survey’s findings to receive media coverage in The Wall Street Journal and other publications, publish a white paper, Consumer Account Security Report,
educate consumers about 2-factor authentication, and demonstrate the demand for its product to prospects.

Establish Thought Leadership

Challenge: ServiceNow needed to quantify the productivity drain of using email, phone calls and spreadsheets to perform routine administrative tasks. The findings would be a proof point for the value of their product.

Solution: Lawless Research found that the majority of companies still use unstructured processes and the cost to businesses is high. Managers spend one to two days per week on administrative tasks that
could be streamlined. ServiceNow used the findings to increase its role as a thought leader in service management in Forbes and other business publications, educate 10,000 customers at its user conference, and increase sales by expanding its reach beyond the IT
department and throughout the world.

Identify Targets

Challenge: Client A, an international anti-malware company, needed to assess the demand for two new products and estimate the exposure to malware and the consequences of the infections.

Solution: Through surveying 685 IT decision-makers, Lawless Research found that 82 percent of companies experienced infections, threats or attacks in the past year which resulted in increased help-desk time and lower employee productivity. Our client was able to leverage the survey findings to demonstrate the necessity
of additional online security measures, guide its product roadmap, and establish a benchmark of brand awareness to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Design New Products

Challenge: In order to increase revenue, Client B needed to determine the optimal price for an enterprise mapping tool, identify the most critical features, and rank the top selection criteria.

Solution: The survey of 900 IT decision-makers helped our client to optimize the product’s price and provided insight into how companies use and select mapping tools. Our client used the research findings to set the price of its product and guide its sales and marketing strategy.

Keep Your Customers

Challenge Webroot wanted to benchmark its Net Promoter Score (NPS) and discover ways to continually improve the customer service it provides.

Solution: Lawless Research surveyed 9,000 PC users over 2 years and found Webroot’s NPS remained high over the two years, whereas the Net Promoter Scores of its top competitors dropped significantly. Webroot used the survey insights to promote the company’s high customer service rating and identify ways to improve its Net Promoter Score.