Building thought leadership through research

Building thought leadership through research


Lawless Research Study for Twilio Finds Businesses Do Not Communicate
As Well As They Think They Do

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London, Sept. 19, 2017: According to a new study released by Twilio today, 81% of consumers complain that it is difficult to communicate with businesses, but only 34% of businesses acknowledge room for improvement. While most businesses focus their efforts on delivering a great product, too few businesses recognize the significant impact the communications experience has on their brand and revenue. The study, conducted by Lawless Research, Inc., finds that after a positive communications experience, 7 out of 10 consumers recommended the business to their friends or purchased more products or services; but one-third cancelled their service or switched to a competitor following a negative experience. Companies can provide a better experience by tailoring their communications to deliver the right message, using the right channel, at the right time.




Lawless Research study finds that businesses using SMS, Voice, other Cloud Communications/CPaaS channels report higher revenue growth, customer satisfaction.

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Los Angeles, CA – September 26, 2017 – TeleSign, the world’s first end-to-end communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company, today released, Customer Communications Report: How Businesses Use Cloud Communications to Fuel Growth. The report provides key insights into how digital transformation is reshaping the communications landscape and driving businesses to adopt cloud communications/CPaaS for customer engagement.

Of the 500 customer communications stakeholders surveyed by Lawless Research, Inc., 87 percent reported that communicating via SMS/text, voice and other cloud communications channels is vital to their companies’ success. For companies that have already adopted cloud communications, nearly twice as many report exceptionally high revenue growth rates (20 percent or above) than those that do not use cloud communications. Additionally, 93 percent of cloud communications users report that embedding communications into their web and mobile apps led to higher customer satisfaction.




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